St Barts Weather

St Barts is known for ideal weather. Blue skies with the occasional passing cloud are a repetitive daily forecast. The island enjoys up to 3000 hours of annual sunshine. The island's daily temperatures are typically between 75-82 F. The coolest time period is during February when the temperatures average around 70 F/21 C and the peak temperatures are during the summer months with average temperatures around 86 F/30 C.

The nights do cool down a bit into the low 70s or high 60s for pleasant evenings.

The island enjoys gentle trade winds that cool the island and keep the temperature ranges in a relative range. The windward side (Cote au vent) enjoys the soothing trade winds and intermittent precipitation. The western side tends to be significantly greener than the leeward side. The leeward side is arid and has sparse and brownish vegetation.

The rainy season starts at the end of August and last until late October. The official hurricane season for the Caribbean starts June 1st until November 30th. The peak activity tends to occur between mid August to end of October.

The temperatures can be sweltering at times in Gustavia since the port town is protected from the trade winds by the surrounding hills. The air tends to be stagnant and humid during the summer months.

St Barts Ocean Temperatures:

The ocean tends to be inviting all year. The high temperatures occur in the summer with an average temperature of 84 F/29 C. The low ocean temperatures occur in February with an average of around 79 F/26 C.








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