St Barts Post Hurricane Update


What to expect on your next trip to St Barts

St Barts Blue has completed an inspection of the island clean-up and assessment of current conditions. In one word... INCREDIBLE. While some buildings remained damaged and palm trees are still missing most of their fronds, St Barts does not look like an island that was devastated in early September.  It is as verdant as ever with tropical flowers, clean streets and warm welcoming smiles.

Kudos to the leadership and residents of St Barts. The roofs are repaired, boutiques have reopened, the airport is functioning as well as before, grocery stores are fully stocked and a fresh baguette (and of course some pastries) awaits you at the local bakery. Most restaurants have re-opened and the beaches have been cleaned and repaired with a few exceptions.

The island is in good condition and ready to accept guests. Given our very favorable impressions, St Barts Blue is now accepting reservations immediately. 

Before booking please note that while the island is recovering expeditiously and in good condition to receive guests, it still remains "under repair."  To manage your expectations, most beach hotels such as Eden Rock and Cheval Blanc will undergo a full renovation due to the damage caused by storm surges and not re-open until late November / December 2018. Other beach establishments may not be ready as well.  However, Nikki Beach and La Plage on St Jean and Shellona on Shell Beach are open. 

A select inventory of villas did sustain significant damage and may not re-open for a few months or not until November 2018. However, most of the villas are in very good condition and are available now.  As for construction, due to the widespread impact of the storm, all construction hour limitations have been lifted so repairs can be made as soon as possible. As a consequence, construction may occur on weekends and holidays.  We can not provide any guarantees or protections against local noise this year.  However, most of the roofs have been repaired (the loudest part of construction) and repairs should be limited to interior work for the most part going forward unless there is new construction project.

Lastly, WIFI and internet connections are still being repaired. We can not provide any guarantees regarding the availabilty or the condition of the connections.  4G Mobile connections are available island wide but localized internet connections are still being restored.

We look forward to welcoming you back to St Barts. Please speak with our villa specialists to find the perfect villa. Holiday villas are still available and may be open to negotiation.


"St Barts Blue was very professional, kind & prompt to our requests. Highly recommend to all of our friends who travel to St. Barts."
Bree Z
Palm Beach