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St Barts Blue is pleased to partner with Tradewind Aviation to provide flight reservations for St Barths travelers. Tradewind Aviation is the preferred airline provider for St Barths with its outstanding service and elegant planes. Tradewind Aviation services St Barths from Puerto Rico, Antigua and St Thomas. The most popular route is the San Juan, Puerto Rico to St Barths flight offering US and Canadian travelers a premium and highly convenient service. 

Key Benefits of Tradewind Aviation:

Travel in the air conditioned comfort of modern Pilatus PC 12s flown by two pilots
Complimentary refreshments snacks, wine and beer
Reduce additional flight connections and layovers by flying through San Juan.
Ample baggage room means that your bags always travel with you
Fly with a trusted, US Charter Carrier with many years of experience
Visa Waiver Program carrier. EU Citizens may enter the US without a Visa.

Pricing for St Barths Flights on Tradewind Aviation

  San Juan (SJU) St Thomas (STT) Antigua (ANU) Nevis
Non Holiday Tuesday-Thursday $395 $345 $395  
Non Holiday Friday - Monday $495 $445 $495  
High Season Daily       $150
Holiday Tuesday-Thursday $495 $445 $495  
Holiday Friday - Monday $595 $545 $595  
December 16th - January 5th $595 $545 $595  
Low Season Daily $395 $295 $395  

Prices are per person and per segment (one way ticketing). Holiday Periods : Feb 12-22, 2016; March 18-29, 2016; Nov 18-28,2016. Prices do not include international taxes and airport fees.


Private Charters for St Barths

St Barts Blue can arrange private charters from San Juan, Puerto Rico or from the New York metropolitan area to St Barths. For rates and details please contact us by email at [email protected] or by toll free phone at 1.877.323.5719

Tradewind Aviation Terms and Conditions

COMMERCIAL FLIGHT TRANSFERS:  We highly recommend 90 minutes in San Juan, 60 minutes in St Thomas and 2 hours in Antigua between your commercial flight and Tradewind departure. If you choose to book a connecting flight outside the recommended buffer you will do so at your own risk. 
AIRCRAFT DEPARTURE:  Aircraft boarding will take place 15 minutes prior to the departure time. St. Barth Airport closes at sunset, NO EXCEPTIONS. We cannot delay flights due to late arrival of connecting flights. Passengers who arrive later than the departure time will miss their flight and forfeit their ticket. 
RESERVATIONS, CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES:  Once you purchase your travel, the ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE. We will, however, accommodate changes in your itinerary to the best of our ability. If you cancel a reservation within 24 hours of departure you forfeit the ticket. 
WAIT LIST:   Passengers can be only wait-listed for one flight. Passengers placed on wait lists are responsible for monitoring the status of their requests. 
AIRCRAFT:  The aircraft used in the Caribbean are eight passenger single-engine turbo prop Pilatus PC-12s.
BAGGAGE:   Every effort will be made to accommodate your baggage. Each passenger may take 50 lbs. of luggage. In the event that weight is deemed excessive by the Captain some baggage may be transported on other Tradewind aircraft. Large, hard-sided or oversized items may not fit. All luggage must fit through the cargo compartment opening which is 15" X 28" (38 X 71 centimeters). Please pack accordingly. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact our office. 
PETS:  Pets are welcome aboard all our aircraft but must be accompanied by their owners and appropriate documentation. If your pet is rowdy, destructive, or doesn’t like to play with other pets, we ask that you place it in an appropriate pet carrier. If you are traveling with a pet, please notify the office and tell us its name and weight. 
WEATHER:  Our aircraft are certified to fly in most of the same conditions as scheduled commercial airliners. In certain limited circumstances, pursuant to federal regulations and/or safety, our aircraft will not be able to depart from, or land at our destination. 
The decision to divert to another airport will be made by the Captain. All decisions will be made in the interests of safety and getting our passengers to their final destinations. Passengers are responsible for any costs associated with alternative travel arrangements made necessary by the diversion. 
CUSTOMS & VISAS:  Tradewind Aviation needs to have all your customs information (passport number, date of birth, etc.) prior to departure. You may not board the aircraft without this and you will forfeit your ticket. If someone in your party is not a United States Citizen, please ensure that a Visa is not necessary for entry to St. Barthelemy. Boarding will be refused if you do not have a visa. Visas are required for entry into the U.S. unless you qualify for the Visa Waiver Program. Contact our office for more information. 
VISA WAIVER PROGRAM:  For those passengers who qualify on the visa waiver program please be sure to apply and carry your approval with you on entry to the US. More information can be found at: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

St Barts Tradewind Flight Ticketing

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"I just wanted to let you ladies know how happy we were with the Blue Emerade in St. Martin as well as the Villa West Indies in St. Barts. They were both all that we wanted and more. Our honeymoon could not have been better and I just wanted to let you know how thankful and happy we were with how everything turned out. I have put my pictures up on facebook and have received raved reviews from all my friends asking me all about the trip and asking details about where we stayed. I will proudly reference your company when responding to such questions. Thanks again for such a memorable experience."
Christina A
West Indies (KAI)