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St Barts Snorkeling.  Free diving or snorkeling is a fantastic opportunity for swimming excursions, with just a mask and tuba. It is also ideal training if you consider going scuba diving later. To make you more comfortable in the water and let you enjoy the seabed without getting tired, Island Diving provides you an inflatable sludge (fries).

Private Snorkeling Boat:

In clear, warm and shallow tropical waters, with a qualified guide, you observe the exceptional marine flora and fauna. We tell you about the species that are hidden for the untrained eye and you are able to see them at their best. The underwater discovery does not require any training and is accessible to all.

Availability: 1 to 4 guests

Available daily at:
08:00 AM; 08:30 AM; 09:00 AM; 09:30 AM; 10:00 AM; 10:30 AM; 11:00 AM; 12:00 PM; 02:30 PM; 03:30 PM; 04:00 PM
Duration: 1h30min / 3h
Maximum 6 guests

Arrival Instructions / What to Bring: -Meeting Point: Collectivity Wharf, Gustavia Harbour, Dock no. 29

Additional Notes: Please don't use the sunscreen, due to the harmful effect on corals, the boat gets a cover shade so you will be protected from Sun.

Child Restriction 10 years and above

Booking Policy Full payment is required at reservation.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Cancellation Policy Cancellation policy: 20% is non-refundable upon booking. For cancellations within 7 days of the service/activity, no refunds are provided.

Change requests: Reservation changes after a service/activity is confirmed is subject to a $35 change fee.

*** St Barts Blue experience team hours of operation: 5AM to 3PM EST.
For urgent after hour issues on confirmed reservations, please contact the service provider directly.
Private Snorkeling (1 spot)(1-4 guests), 2 Hours Private Snorkeling (1 spot) (5-6 guests), 2 Hours Private Snorkeling (2 spots)(1-4 guests), 3 Hours Private Snorkeling (2 spots)(5-6 guests), 3 Hours $388.01 $582.01 $646.68 $970.02
Type: Private Snorkeling (1 spot)(1-4 guests), 2 Hours
Price: $388.01
Type: Private Snorkeling (1 spot) (5-6 guests), 2 Hours
Price: $582.01
Type: Private Snorkeling (2 spots)(1-4 guests), 3 Hours
Price: $646.68
Type: Private Snorkeling (2 spots)(5-6 guests), 3 Hours
Price: $970.02

Note: The rates above are subject to 10% Tax/Service Charge.
Payments accepted in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars.
Major credit cards accepted in US Dollars.

Starting At $388.01
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Maximum 6 guests
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"Service was great. They handled things very professionally. Rhonda and Mary had everything arranged prior to our arrival. Continue to provide the same service that you do each year which has been very consistent over the past 5 years."
James J.