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St Barts Yoga. Discover yoga or deepen your practice and better understand the different layers of this ancient medicine that are not always accessible in group classes. Our instructor meets each person’s individual needs, creating a safe space to experience and welcome any emotions which may arise, helping you to let go of what needs to be released.

  • Vinyasa Flow - This is a dynamic, fluid form of hatha yoga, moving the body from the breath to flow in an attentive way. Students are encouraged to work with their breath, to modify and adjust the poses to suit their individual’s needs.
  • Aligment - We explore a wide variety of postures with detail and correct alignment, based on Iyengar yoga. It focuses on flexibility, coordination, balance and strength with poses and positions held for longer periods of time and an ample use of props for safety.
  • Yin Yoga - It is a slow and more meditative practice, holding the poses sitting or lying, giving us space to tune into the physical sensations and sit with our thoughts. It stretches those rarely – used tissues (fascia, ligaments…) while also teaching us how to breathe through discomfort in order to open up blockages.
  • Yoga Nidra - is an immensely powerful meditation technique, one of the easiest practices to maintain that everyone can do. While the practitioner rests comfortably lying down, this systematic meditation takes you through the five layers of self, leaving you with a sense of wholeness.
  • Restorative Yoga - By using bolsters, blankets, eye pillows, we hold poses for a substantial period of time seating or lying, centering our breath and body. In life there is a time to push and a time to grind, a time to ebb and a time to flow. If your body and your mind tell you that burnout is on the horizon, you might give restorative yoga a shot.
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"La Roche was a very nice villa and quite possibly the best value on the island. The pool is second to none with the beach entry, natural rocks in the pool, and landscaping. My daughter took some incredible pictures and video with it in the background. The sound system (indoors/outdoors) is fabulous! The house itself will not disappoint - it is simple, tasteful, and upper end on decor. The surrounding area is remote and quiet. When outside we can hear the waves crashing the entire time. The beach is just a couple of minutes easy walk away on flat ground. We found the Washing Machine area - invigorating hike from the villa so take water with you! Kitchen had every thing we needed to cook, beds very comfortable. St Barts Blue did a great job on arranging rental car and ferry transport from St Maarten"
Shelby D
La Roche Dans L'Eau